Cypress Falls Golden Eagles Football
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This website is dedicated to all things Cypress Falls Golden Eagles Football. If you have any immediate needs or questions contact the football office, 281-856-1048. Also visit our facebook page as well for more information.

To join Coach Eaton's remind101 message group:
1. This is for the new 2015-16 season:
2. Text the message: @b952cf
3. Text to the number: 81010

Phase 1 off the 2016 season has begun, Eagle Challenge. Eagle Challenge tracks everything a Golden Eagle does before, during, & after school. Points are awarded or taken based on the below point system. Players will be ranked every three weeks, and ranked in the total program and by position groups. Reports will be sent home with each player.

Eagle Challenge Points

1. PM Lift = 25 points a day

2. All four days PM lift = 100 point bonus

3. Miss four days PM lift = -100 points (unless excused)

4.  Miss three days PM lift = -50 (unless excused)

5. AM Lift= 25 points

6. All four days AM lift= 100 point bonus

7. Period Individual WIN = 25 points

8. Run mile PM = 25 points

9. Indian Mile Run PM (must have 10) = 50 points per man, can be LB & BB combine
10. 4th Quarter= 25 points
11. Grade Check every three weeks:
each A=50 points
each B=20 points
each grade below 70=-50 points
12. DMC=-50 points per day
13. Write up=-30 points
14. Suspenion=-100 per day
15. Plus ONE=100 points
16. Any sprint sport practice after school=50 points
















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